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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Help Molly Help Beagle Freedom Project!

Today I come to you to share a project that my daughter Molly is taking part in.  As a part of her required curriculum, at Early College, she must complete a graduation project where she chooses a topic to research and then does a research paper as well as a service project to help raise money and awareness for her chosen topic. 

I hope you will forgive my intrusion and this little stray from my normal recipe posts.  This is important to us as a family as well as to Molly so I hope you will indulge me this time.  The cause is a great one and so many of you have reached out to us regarding our pets and your love for your pets that we thought we would share this with you.  If you are able to contribute it would be greatly appreciated.  If you are not, then we completely understand.  Her goal is $1000.00.  However whatever she raises will be donated in full to the Beagle Freedom Project.

Here is a little more information from Molly:

My name is Molly and I am 16 years old.  I am a Sophomore attending Early College East.  As a part of my required curriculum I must complete a graduation project.  The project involves selecting and researching a topic and engaging in 10 hour service project directly related to my topic.
My chosen topic is animal testing.  My service project is aimed at raising awareness and money for The Beagle Freedom Project, a non profit organization that is dedicated to freeing animal test subjects, at this time mostly beagles, although they have saved and re-homed, pigs, horses, cat and other dogs as as beagles.  
Did you know that beagles are the most widely used dogs in test labs today?  Did you know it is because their docile, loving and trusting demeanor?  As a result of this these animals are bred for the purpose of undergoing horrifying testing for products and medications that have already been approved for sale in some cases.  When the labs get done testing on the animals their fate is almost always to be put to sleep and the cycle will begin again with new pack of animals over and over again.
Beagle Freedom Project has made it their mission to reach out to the labs and take the animals off their hands, allowing the animals to be fostered and adopted by loving families who will give them a second chance at life and help them to know what a loving home is.
This organization is special to me because I have a beagle. She is the cute one in the pictures
on this page!  Although she did not come from a lab and has never known a cold, hungry, hurtful day in her life, I cannot imagine how these animals feel every day they are subjected to  horrible tests just so we can know that having shampoo sprayed in your eyes will hurt!  
Beagle Freedom Project needs our help to introduce legislation in all fifty states that will make it mandatory for these types of labs to allow these animals to be fostered and/or adopted an not euthenized once they are finished with their testing.
In perfect world we would never test on animals like this, but we don't live in a perfect world and for now what we can do is help these animals get the life they deserve after what they have been through.
You can give what you are able.  I appreciate any help you can give me in my effort to complete my graduation project.  All money raised will go directly to the Beagle Freedom Project.
Thank you in advance for helping me to complete my project by raising money for this worthwhile organization.  Thank you for helping me help them to give these special creatures another chance at the life they deserve!

Please follow this link to make a donation!

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