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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bringing Home The Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine

I recently had to replace my stand mixer.  After a couple years of anguish, much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I finally had to decide what to do.  I so loved my yellow Kitchenaid, which I still have sitting on the shelf and do employ to do lighter tasks,  however a bread kneader, she is no longer!  After much research I chose the Bosch Ultimate Kitchen Machine and boy am I ever glad I did.

At first glance this mixer is not like what you might be used to!  First off it is a marvel of German engineering.  The bowl sits on top of the belt driven motor instead of underneath the beater blades or dough hook.  It may look like something out of a mid century, post modern fairy tale, but I tell you, this thing is a beast in the kitchen!  I really don't mean to sound like a sales person.  I am simply singing the praises of what I hope, will be the last mixer I will ever need! 

The Bosch boasts an impressive pedigree.   An 800 watt belt driven motor with overload and restart protection, 4 speeds and a pulse /momentary switch, 6.5 quart bowl that will hold up to 15 pounds of bread dough, The basic model comes with a dough hook, wire whips and plastic driver, splash cover and lid.  The base has suction cups on it to steady the machine on your counter top and it won't "travel" down the length of your kitchen.  Everything is dishwasher safe, however I still hand wash mine and all it's parts.  The entire bowl and spindle are detachable for easy clean up and sanitation.  It comes with a 3 year warranty on the transmission.  Whew and WOW!!

The Bosch is an excellent choice if you are a bread baker like I am.  I love to make three or four loaves at a time and freeze for later use.  This baby can handle it. In fact, this mixer will mix up to 9 loaves of whole wheat, yes, I said whole wheat, bread dough!  I have shredded chicken breast in no time flat with the wire whips and made cookie dough and banana bread with the cookie paddles, which I highly recommend you get.

If you decide to take the plunge and get a Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine  here are a few suggestions I would like to make.  First get the attachments you are going to use and set the rest on the back burner.  This baby has lots of fun extras that you can add on over time, but right up front here is what I suggest you get:

Mixer with dough hook and wire whips
Cookie paddles with metal housing
Batter whisks because you know you're going to want to make cake!
The dough hook extender for mixing smaller batches of dough.
The bowl scraper which does what it says, scrapes the inside of the bowl so you don't have too!

The dough hook extender is a neat little attachment that Bosch put some thought into.  While many people are not going to make 9 loaves of bread all at once, although this baby can handle it, making just one loaf of bread was a problem for this beast.  So Bosch came up with a solution.  They made a small flared extension that slips over the inner spindle prior to installing the dough hook and then snaps in place hugging the dough blade which rides the inner spindle of the bowl.  This flared little addition helps the smaller batches of dough to ride the outer sides of the bowl and get full motion from the dough hooks, helping the bread to knead and incorporate more efficiently.  That is what you want in a mixer!  Design over decor!  That's all that matters in my book!

Other attachments that you can get include a meat grinder, cereal mill, juicer, slicer, blender, food processor, and flour sifter as well as replacement bowls, whips, whisks and paddles and you can even get a stainless steel bowl, which is on my wish list!

The Bosch may not come in all those pretty designer colors of the competitors, but when it comes right down to it, does your mixer really need to match your spatula?  I think not!  So I'll end it there.  I love my Bosch and if you are looking to upgrade or switch mixers, I highly recommend that you give this one a closer look!  It really does all that it says it does and more!

I have included a couple of my videos for you to enjoy where I am using the Bosch Universal Kitchen Machine.  The unboxing and the first "test" I put it through.  I will also include one of the most impressive publicity videos that I have ever seen for this mixer.  It is what finally sold me on this purchase and truthfully, I have probably watched it more times than I will admit to in mixed company! 

Spend your money wisely and this mixer is an investment that will keep on giving back to you!

I hope you find this information helpful!  As always if you should have questions, drop me a line here on the blog or on my website at info@noreenskitchen.com

Happy Eating!


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