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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Start the New Year Off Right! Budget Buster Bulk Cooking! Roasted Chicken!

To start this year off right, I wanted to introduce a new series where we focus on cooking a protein in bulk and then enjoying it for our meal that night, then seeing how many more meals can be made, with the remaining main protein.  This time I am focusing on how to properly roast a spatchcocked chicken, actually two.  We ate this chicken as our main course for dinner the evening we made it then we are planning at least four to five additional meals out of these birds. 

I picked up to rather large roasting chickens at the market.  These were just over $1.00 a pound.  In the video I mentioned that they were 4 to 5 pounds each, however they were actually 6 to 7 pounds each.  These are whoppers.  I chose to spatchcock these birds to shorten the roasting time.  This will ensure a moist and fully cooked bird in just about an hour.

Spatchcocking is a fancy word for cutting out the backbone and laying the bird flat.  You can barbecue chickens this way or you can roast them or even do chicken under a brick this way, however for that I think you need a much smaller chicken for that to work out just right.  These chickens may need a cinder block!  LOL!  

I feel strongly that knowing how to roast a chicken is so easy to do that you really need to know how to do it!  Thus making this a kitchen basic for the channel, however we are also embarking on what I am going to call the "Budget Buster Bulk Cooking" series.  So these chickens are a great start for that.

I plan on getting no less than four meals and hopefully five from these two chickens.  One meal of roasted chicken. then a chicken and stuffing casserole, a sour cream enchilada casserole, a "Big Salad" a la Elaine from Seinfeld with cubed chicken and then the finale, of a roast chicken soup, using all the carcasses, skin, bones and leftover meat to make a delicious, rich broth with chicken, veggies and noodles. 

The intention here is to make four or five meals serving four people.  Not meals that will be planned leftovers because these are the planned leftovers.  I want you to see how far you can stretch two chickens to feed your family.

I also want you to know that if you don't want to roast your own chicken, then just swing by the store and pick up a couple of rotisserie chickens.  Then follow along.  No judgement here.  Maybe some of you are just singles, or couples.  Maybe you are super busy and a cooked chicken is a God send for you.  I say go for it!  Nothing wrong with letting the store do the work for you and when you can buy a cooked chicken for the same price as a raw one or even less!  You do what is best for you!

I plan on doing similar videos for beef brisket or pot roast, pork loin, pork shoulder and hamburger.  I also plan on incorporating some Zaycon Fresh meats in the mix because when I start picking up my monthly deliveries this year I want you to see exactly what I will be doing and hopefully it will help you to not be overwhelmed with all that meat at one time!  I know that can be a daunting thought, but baby steps!  We can do it together and make things easy!

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I hope you will follow along and join me on this journey!  I hope you give this roast chicken a try and I hope you love it!

Happy Eating! 

You can find a printable version of this recipe on my website here:  http://bit.ly/2ix2ff6

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