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Thursday, October 8, 2015

All the Juice! None of the Fake! Apple & Eve Organics and Quenchers Juice!

I was given the opportunity to try out Apple and Eve Organics and Quenchers juices by Influenster.com.  We love juice in our house and often have a bottle in the fridge, but I don't love juice that is full of sugar, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup or other sweeteners.  I love to get juices that are just that, JUICE!  

I was excited to receive this box and give these juices a try.  I was sent three small juice boxes like the kind you would put in your child's lunchbox and one quart sized container of the Organics Orange Pineapple juice.  Hands down the latter is my favorite!  My daughter Micah thought the same and I had to sneak the end of the carton for myself when she was off on a field trip.  I know, bad mom!  Sad face for her.  Just kidding!

Rick and I took the time to taste the three Quenchers juice boxes in Berrylicious Lemonade, Razzberry Apple Splash and Fruit Punch Burst.  I took each one and poured the juice into a clear glass so we could see what we were drinking.  If you are on the internet you have most likely seen the horror stories about juice boxes floating around and I personally love to see what I am drinking and figured you would like to see it as well!  These juices are clear and contain no artificial additives, preservatives, colors or flavors.  This is straight up blended juice with not additional sweeteners.  My husband said they were clean tasting and I couldn't agree more!  They don't leave you feeling like you need to drink a glass of water after you just had a glass of juice!

Overall, these juices were satisfying and delicious and I will be seeking them out in my grocer's juice aisle!  The Organics juice was my favorite, orange pineapple is one flavor we love.  In addition to that, the Organics juices also come in Tart Cherry and Natural Apple flavors.  I love their carton style!  They have a twist off cap for ease of pouring and the container is eco friendly and leaves a low impact environmental footprint!

I hope you will seek out these juices and give them a try I think you and your family are going to love them!  The next time you need juice for your child's lunchbox, see if you can reach for these Apple and Eve Quenchers they are all the juice with none of the fake!

Watch our YouTube review of these delicious Apple & Eve Juices!

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