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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

How To Make Laundry The Easy Way With MyGreenFills!

Today I am sharing with you a product that can change the way you do laundry, save you money and take care of your family better, by getting rid of harsh chemicals, colorants, thickeners and foaming agents. Laundry made simple, like our grandmother's used to do, only even better!

MyGreenFills wants to show you how you can change your laundry habits and make life better for you, your family and the environment at the same time. Did you know that over 6 billion, yes that billion, with a "b", jugs of laundry soap are used every year? That would wrap around the earth SIX times! Where do you think those jugs end up? Most likely in a landfill where they have a half life of 30 to 40 years. Many of them potentially end up in the ocean polluting our waterways and in time our water tables and drinking water and killing wildlife and effecting human health. Those are some compelling reasons to give something new a try!

MyGreenFills offers you the last laundry jug you will ever need. Simply use one packet of the concentrated soap formula and mix with warm water. Each bottle offers you 5 loads of clean, fresh, chemical free laundry. Want to boost your cleaning power? Add some of the Oxygen based laundry brightener and for tough stains, add a teeny, tiny scoop of their fantastic enzyme stain treatment. They also offer a fantastic fabric softener that really gets your clothes static free and soft! 

This is concentrated soap, softener and brightener are just that "concentrated". You seriously only need 1 ounce per load, that is 2 tablespoons! It is certified for use in HE or high efficiency machines and is cruelty free and vegan. If that weren't enough, this company is built from the ground up by people who have backgrounds in business, herbology and homeopathy. They care about the environment and they care about people. That means they care about you. Their creed is incredible and you can find it on their website. I suggest you go and have a look at what they have put forth as their mission statement. I love it and know you will too!

MyGreenFills offers you the opportunity to give this soap a try for free! If you love it you can order more when you need it or you can choose one of their subscriptions for super money saving opportunities. The more you purchase the cheaper it is for you and shipping is always free. I have a family of four, including two teenagers and a scad of pets. We do at least one load of laundry daily. I would select a subscription package to suit my needs and it will come to my door once a month. All I have to do is mix it up!

I have had the opportunity to speak with Stephen Ezell the CEO of MyGreenFills and Selestial Soap company and he was a blessing to me. His passion for his work as well as the passion of his co workers is apparent and it is contagious! So do yourself a favor and give this soap a try! What do you have to lose? You get a free jug just pay the shipping and if you love it, you are helping out a small business owner here in the USA. If you find that this soap is not your cup of tea, all they ask is that you ship the bottle back to them so they can share the love with someone else and the jug won't end up in the trash. 

I hope you give MyGreenFills a try. I hope you love it and I hope your laundry is never the same again!


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