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Friday, April 22, 2016

Strawberry Lime Slush! Sipping Towards Summer! Torani Friday

Today I am making an awesome strawberry lime slush for Torani Friday!  Super easy to make and super delicious!  I have use Torani strawberry syrup and Torani lime syrup along with fresh strawberries and fresh lime.  In this case I put an entire lime wedge in, peel and all, to really get that lime flavor in the slush.

My goal here is to mimick the strawberry and lime slushy at Sonic and I came so close that I made it better!  The secret is the fresh fruit.  Instead of ice cream topping, the fresh berries and the fresh lime really take this to the next level as far as flavor goes.  

I have used my Nutri Ninja blender to make this but you can use any drink blender or a regular blender, I will say though, if you are using regular ice cubes, you should crush them first to make the process of the "slushing" easier.  If your fridge has a crushed ice option, then use that.  If not, simply crush your ice first.

Add the syrups to the crushed ice as well as the fresh fruit then top it all of with club soda or sparkling water or lemon lime soda.  Whatever is your choice, just make sure to pour enough water to come to the same level as the amount of crushed ice you have.

Blend until everything is nice and slushy, this will only take a few seconds.  Then pour into a serving glass or just pop a straw in the blender cup and enjoy!  I like to add more sliced lime and a fresh strawberry garnish if I am feeling fancy!

Don't limit yourself to strawberry and lime!  You can make slushes of any flavor you like!  You can even use whipping cream and vanilla and caramel syrup to make a creamy version of this slush.  Let your imagination be your guide and your collection of Torani is your only limitation!

I hope you give this strawberry lime slush a try and I hope you love it!

You can find Torani syrups on their website!

You can see how I made this in my YouTube Video!

Happy sipping!

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