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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Summer in a Bowl! Avocado, Mango Salad with Strawberries!

Today I want to share a delicious salad that I have been enjoying for a couple of weeks now for my lunch. This avocado mango salad with strawberries, hits all the notes, is super satisfying and will keep you coming back for more. I think you are going to love it!

This salad screams summer! It has all the freshness that you look for in a summer lunch. It smells amazing when you are making it and it looks amazing when you get it all in the bowl together. This one is a knock out the ballpark winner! I personally love a salad that has not greens in it from time to time. I love to have a chopped salad that has lots of veggies and fruits mixed together and this one is the perfect combination.

I know what you are thinking! Mango AND avocado AND strawberries AND onions? Really? Yes Really! Trust me on this one. This hits all those flavor notes you are looking for. Sweetness from the berries, tang from the mango, rich creaminess from the avocado and spicy bite from the onion. Lime juice brings the whole thing together with a palate cleansing citrus burst and married with a little bit of agave nectar to enhance the natural sweetness of the berries and the mango this is a real winner. Top this all off with a sprinkling of homemade chili lime seasoning and you have one out of this world experience in your bowl for lunch or dinner!

Like I said, I have been enjoying this for lunch the last couple of weeks. Normally I only eat two meals a day so Rick and I either enjoy breakfast and dinner or brunch and dinner. This is the perfect afternoon offering. i have been pairing this with a hard boiled egg on the side and this takes me to dinner with no problem. This is light but filling and it will stay with you and give you what you need to get the job done.

This salad is enough for two people as a side dish to a nice piece of grilled chicken or you can even serve this on top of the grilled chicken or a nice filet of grilled or broiled fish! This salad has amazing potential. Make it fresh when you want to enjoy this because it won't keep very well past a day or so because the avocado may get to mushy and disappear if it is ever so slightly too ripe. So you will want to keep that in mind.

If you don't have access to fresh strawberries or they are not in season, you could use blueberries, blackberries or even cubed nectarine, plum or peaches would be great. You can basically make this work with so many different fruits! Don't have sweet onion? Use red onion or green onion to round it out. Don't like onion? Skip it! Make this salad your own and enjoy!

I used a homemade chili lime seasoning on my salad. If you would like to see it, stay tuned because I will be sharing that in an upcoming video! I know you are just going to love that seasoning because it is so versatile in so many different dishes! Keep an eye out for that coming soon!

I think this is the perfect summer salad. I hope you do too! I know that when you give this a try you are going to keep on making it all summer long!

I hope you give this salad a try and I hope you love it! 

Happy Eating!

Get the recipe on my website here:

You can see how I made this in my YouTube video:

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