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Monday, June 20, 2016

10 Minute Lemon Paprika Shrimp and Pasta!! A "Tasty" Recipe Trial! Did It Work? You Be the Judge!

Tasty videos are so popular in everyone's Facebook feed, that we wanted to give some of these recipes a try to see if they really are what they appear to be.  In a previous installment, we shared a slow cooker apple crumble that was good, but not great.  Today we are sharing a dinner recipe that my daughter Molly shared with me for this Lemon Paprika Shrimp and Pasta.  You can find the original Tasty video and recipe here:  http://bit.ly/lemonpaprikashrimp

This dish was super simple to make and it was good.  However it was a bit on the spicy side and if you like that, great!  But if you like it a bit milder, add less of the smoked paprika and add in regular paprika that will not be so spicy.  I also thought the sauce was a bit on the thin side so at the end, in an attempt to not over cook my shrimp into eraserville, I added a bit of a cornstarch slurry to tighten up the sauce a bit.  The sauce was still a bit on the thin side, but I was not going for a gravy consistency and just let it remain the way it was and it was easily soaked up into the pasta.

One of the other things I did differently was to not add the pasta to the pan because I did not want to have everything mashed together in case there was leftover pasta.  So we served them separately.  We enjoyed this and the next time I would make a few changes that would boost the flavor.  Other than spicy, this was a little bland for my taste and feel like it may need a bit more flavor.  That is the beauty of giving new things a try.  They actually give birth to even more new things!

In the end, we had a great dinner and it spawned a few new ideas for future recipe ideas.  We love shrimp, so anything with it, is going to be a great dinner anyway.  

I hope you will check out this recipe and give it a try for yourself and see what you think!

Happy Eating!

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You can see how I made this in my YouTube Video!

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