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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Your Very Own Barista Right in Your Own Kitchen! The Ninja Coffee Bar!

Since this week is Christmas in July week here on the channel I thought it might be fun to do a daily upload just for this week.  Today I am sharing with you a review on a suggested holiday gift idea that you might want to consider!  The Ninja coffee bar is on the list!  This is the perfect gift idea for the coffee and tea lover or foodie on your list.  This unit has so many features it is hard to pick a favorite!

The Ninja coffee bar is able to brew a single cup of hot or iced coffee or even a travel mug, a full or half pot of hot brewed or iced coffee without diluting the brew strength of our favorite morning beverage!  This thing is amazing and I am happy to have this in my kitchen!

We drink a lot of iced coffee in the warmer months of the year and this machine will brew an entire pot of coffee, over ice without weakening the brew.  The secret is in their special extraction method that allows the coffee to get ever bit of flavor out of the grind and depositing it in your cup!

I love that this has a removable water tank that can be washed and you can clearly see when it needs refilling!  Also the fine mesh filter basket that eliminates the need for paper filters.  This also came with an insulated travel mug and a manual milk frother that will make cold or warm milk froth for your favorite designer beverages. 

We have been using this unit for about a month and feel so fortunate that Shark Ninja agreed to send us one to try so we could review it for you on our channel!  We are elated with the performance, quality and look of this coffee maker.  Calling it a coffee maker is kind of an insult considering all the great things this thing can do!  It will make everything from a single plain cup of Joe to an entire pot.  One travel mug of iced coffee on your way out the door?  Done!  Feel like a caramel macchiato?  Easy!  Everyone can make what they like!  So simple and so easy!  Do you have someone in your home who prefers to drink decaf?  We do and it is easy for them to just brew up on glass of iced coffee and fix it the way they like it.

Ninja describes their machine like this:
The best coffeehouse in town is on your countertop with the Ninja Coffee Bar brewer. Ninja's patent-pending brewing technology is designed to deliver better, richer- tasting coffee with variable richness levels that are never bitter. Only the Ninja Coffee Bar brewer has Thermal Flavor Extraction, which truly unlocks the full flavor potential of your coffee. Auto-iQ One Touch Intelligence draws just the right amount of water needed from the reservoir, based on the brew size you choose (cup, travel mug, half carafe, or carafe) and brew type you select. Unique Brew Types:• Classic: Smooth, balanced flavor from your favorite coffee.• Rich: Richer, more intense than Classic, but not bitter coffee flavor that stands up to milk or cream.• Over Ice: Designed to brew hot over ice to lock in flavor for iced coffee that is not watered down.• Specialty: Super-rich concentrate designed to create specialty coffeehouse-style drinks. The 43 oz. Glass Carafe is perfect for entertaining. Keep your coffee hot with a 2 hour auto-off precise temp warming plate. Use the Ninja Easy Frother, which froths milk for making specialty coffeehouse-style drinks. Also included is a reusable permanent filter.

This is perfect for a holiday gift, wedding or shower gift or even for the dorm dweller!  think of all the money they will save making their own drinks in their dorm instead of going to the coffee house for overpriced drinks!

We love it and hope you do to!  Great quality!

I hope you will check this out and consider it for yourself or a gift this holiday season!

You can find more information on the Ninja website:

You can also find it on Amazon:

You can see our review in on our YouTube channel:

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