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Friday, May 13, 2016

Breakfast of Tropicals! Pineapple, Coconut Protein Smoothie Recipe!

This week for #Torani Friday I thought it would be fun to make a delicious breakfast smoothie chock full of good things that will make you happy and get you going for a good start to your day!

We love the pineapple coconut combination in our house!  Everything from smoothies and drinks to savory dishes and desserts.  Pineapple and coconut go together like Forest and Jenny or peas and carrots or peanut butter and jelly.  This tropical combination is also one of my favorites for a breakfast smoothie.  This one is not overly sweet and hits all the right notes!  With the addition of protein powder this one will take you from breakfast to lunch with no problem at all.

I have used a good handful of ice, you can use more or less if that is your preference, a generous half cup of fresh pineapple that I diced really small, some pineapple juice about 1/4 cup of unsweetened coconut flakes, 1/4 cup of organic whey protein, some coconut milk and Torani syrup in both coconut and pineapple.  I used about three pumps of each which ends up being just over a tablespoon of each flavor.

I used my Nutri Ninja drink mixer to whip up this smoothie but you could make this in any mixer or regular blender you have available.  I just tossed everything in and turned it on and let it run for about 30 seconds to make sure everything was smooth and creamy.

I garnished my smoothie with more flaked coconut and a little bit more sliced pineapple on the side of the glass for fun.  My recipe made enough for Rick and I to enjoy a smoothie for breakfast and we certainly did enjoy them!  

Because this is really an "idea" for a smoothie, the ingredient amounts can be adjusted to suit your taste and preference.  This smoothie was indeed, very smooth and not icy or frosty or thick.  If you like yours that way, add lots more ice.  You can even add coconut yogurt to make this thicker, tangy-er and boost the protein levels even more!  Like it sweeter?  Add more syrup.  You get the idea.  Make this your own.  But make it nonetheless.

Some of you may be saying "I can't believe she made a breakfast smoothie with that sugary syrup".  Well, you can believe it.  The way I see it is that Torani is made with pure cane sugar.  This is a simple sugar that is pure.  I have no problem adding a bit of this to my smoothie to make it even more delicious and boost the natural flavors that I have put in there to begin with.  You have to make the best decision for you and if you wanted to leave out the sweetener all together or sub out some honey or some agave, then go right ahead.  Your choice!

I hope you give this protein boosted pineapple coconut breakfast smoothie a try and I hope you love it!

Happy Sipping!

You can see how I made this in my YouTube video:

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