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Friday, September 2, 2016

Start The Year Off Right!! Back To School Fundraising with Rada!!

Check out Rada Cutlery for your next fund raiser!   http://bit.ly/2bpszpa

Today we are sharing the Rada cutlery fundraising program that is perfect for you if you are going to be organizing a fund raiser for your school, PTA, PTO, Little league, Pee Wee or Pop Warner Football, your high school Chorus, Band or Orchestra or even your church group!  

Thank you to Rada for all the support they give to our channel and the way they share with our subscribers!  Be sure to stay to the end!  

Rada Cutlery Fundraising features 100% Made in the USA kitchen products – kitchen knives, utensils, gift sets (also cookbooks, stoneware, and quick mixes). There are no upfront costs and your group will make a 40% profit.

Rada Mfg. Co. has been manufacturing kitchen knives and helping fundraising groups since 1948! Last year over 19,000 Schools, Churches, Teams, Clubs and Youth Groups chose to sell Rada Cutlery for their fundraiser.

Made in the USA Kitchen Items 
Rada Cutlery products are 100% Made in the USA. We started with just three knives and now have a complete line of kitchen knives, utensils and cutlery sets as well as stoneware, cookbooks, and quick mixes.

The wide variety of items available to your fundraising supporters means that everyone will be able to find items they want and need to support your cause. You can do the fundraiser year after year because people will want to add to their collections or buy gifts. Also, the quick mixes are delicious and people like to stock up when they get the chance.

You will find that many of your customers recognize Rada Cutlery products and know their reputation for quality and value (over 135 million Rada knives have been sold). For this reason, many fundraisers say that Rada Cutlery “sells itself”!

Your group will make a 40% profit – but that is only part of the story!

The 40% profit your group earns is impressive. But the added benefit is the remarkable value your customers receive while supporting your cause. This value is created because you are working directly with the manufacturer and there are no middlemen (local sales reps) adding costs and driving up the prices.

Value has always been a priority for Rada Mfg. Co. In fact, our mission is to “provide the BEST VALUE in kitchen knives for the dollar.” Your supporters will appreciate you offering them Rada Cutlery products!

Rada Mfg. Co. started in 1948 as a fundraising company. We have helped hundreds of thousands of groups since we started and our whole system is geared to helping volunteers raise money.

I hope you will consider giving Rada Cutlery a try the next time you need to organize a fundraiser for your group or organization!  They really are second to none when it comes to profit and customer service!

You can see my presentation regarding Rada Cutlery in my YouTube video:

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