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Friday, September 2, 2016

Make Life Sweeter!! Try a Candy Club Subscription! A Box of Sweet Deliciousness Delivered To Your Door!!

Go to Candy Club's Website:  http://candy.do/2bAeeCh
Use Coupon Code: 50f-candydeal to get 50% off your first order and free shipping!

Today we are excited to share the Candy Club box!  The premier candy of the month club!   The best part?  You get the choice of either selecting a master curated box that is specially hand selected for you or you can curate your own box!  That is what I did!  This was so much fun! 

I was able to go to their website, which is super easy to navigate and choose three different candies from their selection, that rotates. They had a ton of awesome things to pick from!  So many that it was hard for me to pin point exactly what I wanted.  In our family we are huge gummy fans and there was no shortage of fantastic gummy candy.  Both regular, super chewy, sour, super sour.  Bears, fruits, kids, belts, licorice, chews, cream chews and more.  In the end I chose some orange cream chews, some of our favorite Gimbal's 40 flavor jelly beans and the wierdest candy I have ever seen, gummy chicken feet.  Yes, you read that right!  Chicken feet.  The Candy Club then adds in a handful of another fun treat that will be a surprise when you receive your box.  In my case we got some delicious caramel toffee chews in different flavors like vanilla, butter rum, maple and raspberry!  

Candy Club estimates that there are over 7000 possible combinations that you can choose from with their newest "pick your own" plan.  You can also choose from different size boxes that start at $19.95 per month.  There is no obligation and you can cancel any time.  You can go all in or you can just get one.  

The box has over three pounds of candy when you receive it.  The portions are generous and they are well packaged.  They come in a great box that is protected from the heat with mylar bubble wrap and the containers are secured with a special box insert so they won't roll around in transit.    The package arrived very quickly in under a week and when I placed my order they let me know they would update me on the shipping.  I was notified when the order shipped and I received it a few days later!  I was impressed all the way around.

I think that Candy Club would be a great idea for just about any gift giving occassion!  With back to school upon us this would be a great treat for you children or grand children for the beginning of the new school year or even a great treat for the college student who is away from home to remind them you are thinking of them.  I think this is a great idea for the upcoming holiday season as well!  Knock a bunch of your friends and family off your gift list by sending them a month of Candy Club to enjoy during the holiday season, making their holiday even sweeter!   Giving Candy Club will also help you to stay on a budget because their price points are great!  

Candy Club has extended a special offer for Noreen's Kitchen subscribers!  Using the coupon code listed above and the link provided, you will receive 50% off your first order as well as free shipping!  That is an awesome deal!  You will get your first box to try at just under $10!  What do you have to lose?  Go to the www.candyclub.com and get started on selecting the candy for your first box!  Give it a try!

I hope you try Candy Club and I hope you love it!  How could you not?  

Happy Eating!

FTC DISCLOSURE: Thanks to Candy Club for sponsoring today's video!  All opinions expressed are those of myself and my family and they are honest and true.  

You can see our family Candy Club unboxing and tasting on our YouTube channel here:

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